Monday, June 23, 2008

Trust your Gut

The past few days have continued to remind me to "Trust My Gut" my mother would say. When "They" (whoever "They" are) say you can't do something or shouldn't do something I was always curious if I had such an aversion to authority or if I was simply being a rebel...OR if I knew that I should Trust My Gut.
Baguettes have been conquered this weekend thanks to Kevin & I trusting our gut. Why can't we do what "they" tell us we can't or shouldn't or aren't ready for? Hello, I am more competent than all of the monkeys I have hired from Le Cordon Bleu Pastry School...put together, yet I have no formal training...neither does Kevin for that matter. We baked by training in the beginning of course...what our Oma's had taught us, our mothers, cookbooks...but now we bake by our guts. How the dough feels, how long has that proof gone, how fine the grind is on the's not a defined, measured guideline of something that someone has spelled out for us...we bake by instinct, we bake because you can smell, see, feel and taste the satisfaction...the spoils for the victors I suppose. So today, we are officially Victors! We have conquered Baguettes...and guess what????? I don't think "They" even know yet...he he!