Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Blues

Work so hard for everything you ever wanted and it is out of reach...still in sight (I think) but for now definitely out of reach. Spent the weekend together went to Peter Frampton I really this old? We are nervously awaiting the summer to be over. While we are both enjoying the breathing room, the chance to escape the bakery for a few hours or days at a time...we are ready for the work to start up again and for the bakery once again to be buzzing with customers, baked goods & excitement. We keep telling ourselves 8 weeks of hell...and now only 3 weeks left. By mid-August things always kick back up. Trying to keep our sanity in the mean time.
On a personal note...ever worked so hard for everything you ever wanted and it is still out of reach? Well then maybe it wasn't meant to be. Others speak kind words of encouragement, but it all just falls on frustrated ears. Tara announced she is pregnant this week, great...this makes 3 close friends in 2 months. Two of the three aren't even excited...unbelievable.
Focus on the positive things in life. Perhaps all you wanted was never meant for you.