Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I (Tina) had hand surgery on Friday. Glad to be getting my hand fixed, sad to not be with Kevin and my beloved bakery all day. Mom flew in Sunday to help take care of her baby bird with the broken wing. Just having someone around who totally supports us and cares for us is so nice. Some times it gets kind of emotionally slim just clinging to eachother.
Kevin has been working like a dog since I'm not at the bakery. Yesterday was a mear 14 1/2 hour work day. I have been driving him to the bakery each morning, as we are still sharing a car. So I am getting rest, but not much. It's so weird to think back at the fun times & money we had, fancy cars we drove...but ahhh... we have a bakery now! I wouldn't trade it or the experience of owning our own business together for the world.

Where to Begin

My sister Aimee has inspired me to start this blog. I am not a super techy person (she is) and I have been keeping a journal of our bakery adventure and thought this would be a cool way to streamline our daily happenings...and who knows maybe we will write a book one day.
Quick Catch up:
June '06 Decided we would open our own business together
Aug '06 Signed franchise papers with Great Harvest
Dec '06 Signed a lease & began building
Jan '07 - May '07 Pure contractor, equipment, permitting, designing & budgeting HELL
May 3rd 2007 Grand Opening of the Store!
May '07 - Now Working 6 days a week 12-17 hrs/day
Woke up and today is April 23rd 2008 & we are still a snorkel length from the top...