Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Change is a Coming"

So many people keep telling me, "change is a comin', customers come in the bakery with Change T-Shirts on....really? Really? This isn't new news people!!!!! The only thing I know to be true is CHANGE IS CONSTANT. Change is the only thing you can count on. Nothing remains the same, status quot, even keeled...EVER. Life, Love, Work, Worry...all of it is constant change.
I am tired of change today. Today, I don't want a change to come, for once...I want things to settle down! Over the past few months we have accepted more change than a bank and today I am tired.
We are down to one intern and 2 high school kids as closers. Kevin & I have worked 45 hours each this week and it is only Wednesday. We start each day with such optimism and then eventually get beaten down by the constant customer comments..."Are you guys okay?" "How are you doing financially?" "Are you going to close like everyone else?" "Do you have any savings?"...People are in such a "Doom & Gloom" frame of mind right now it is ridiculous. YES, We are okay, NO, We are not going to close & PLEASE stop thinking so negatively! It is terribly contagious and highly ineffective.
Please come into my store. Enter to receive a free hot slice of bread, a guenuine warm smile & a cup of cheer.